Thank you for supporting your child in participating in FAST! Our goal is to provide your child with a unique opportunity to experience science in a way that will help their community and further their career. Our program helps students have an environment where they can work independently or in groups on science projects. The students are then invited to compete in science fairs and present at a Stanford Symposium where they will meet Stanford professors and post-doctoral scholars. You can expect your child to leave this program with a better idea of what it will take to become a scientist or engineer and with a support network to help them in the future. We have helped students apply to further science opportunities. We also have written recommendations and aided in college/financial aid applications for students who successfully complete the program.

We expect teams of students or individuals (for IB students) to:

  • Attend 80% of the Saturday meetings
  • Saturday meetings are from 12 - 5 PM
  • Write a project outline and budget for experiments
  • Safely perform experiments over multiple weeks
  • Thoroughly analyze experimental results
  • Participate in the Sciencepalooza fair and Stanford FAST symposium

Parents are welcome at both the Sciencepalooza event and the Stanford FAST symposium and your participation would be much appreciated!